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DHI Industry Certification

DHI’S Continuing Education Program (CEP)

As an Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC), Certified Door Consultant (CDC), Architectural Openings Consultant (AOC) or Electrified Hardware Consultant (EHC), you have proven your skills to the architectural openings industry. Your technical knowledge of this industry gives you an edge over the competition. Participation in the Continuing Education Program increases that advantage.

Here are some frequently asked questions about DHI's continuing education program and how you can benefit by participating:

  • What is my commitment as a consultant?

    As a consultant participating in the Continuing Education Program, you are required to earn 100 points throughout a three-year period in order to renew your Seal. Consultants who receive their credentials after January 1, 2005 must participate in order to maintain their credentials. Click here to see the many ways you can earn CEP points!

    You are responsible for accurately recording your accumulated points and reporting them to DHI at renewal time. However, if you do not earn the requisite points during the three-year period, you have the option of taking an alternate examination.

  • How can I have this expertise recognized and valued by my customers?

    DHI has developed an easy-to-use promotional tool, which serves to visually inform the building industry of your value, high aptitude and experience. It also attests to your participation in the program and willingness to continue your education throughout your career.

    Those participating in the CEP can order an official seal. A corresponding "stamp" is also available to use when the seal cannot easily be used (such as on a faxed or electronically transferred document).

  • How does DHI support my efforts?

    DHI supports this program by highlighting those who are participating in the Continuing Education Program to end users — architects, specifiers, and the like. This promotion is being achieved through advertising in industry publications, via the DHI website and through other various media.

    DHI has also developed the Consultant's Promotional Flyer as a promotional tool you can use a certified professional to promote your services — carry it with you wherever you go to show you are an expert in your field!

  • How much time do I have to register?

    If you received your credentials on or after January 1, 2005, you have been automatically enrolled in the program. Participation is mandatory and requires the accumulation of 100 CEP points every three years. Consultants not in the program, or whose registration has expired but who may wish to rejoin the program, have three options available. (See options listed under "How Do I Register for the CEP ?" below.)

  • What does the Continuing Education Program offer me as a certified consultant?

    This program offers certified consultants an opportunity to establish themselves as professionals who are most current and up-to-date with developments within the industry. While participation is voluntary, it is strongly recommended for consultants who received their AHC, CDC, EHC or AOC certification prior to January 1, 2005 since participation elevates your professional value among your peers.

    The CEP is a marketing tool that can help promote and establish your competency and professional certification and gives you a competitive edge over those not involved.

  • Tech Tips

    2011 Tech TipsDHI consultants (AHCs, CDCs, EHCs, and AOCs), who are registered in the DHI Continuing Education Program (CEP), are required to earn 100 CEP points over each 36-month term. Completing the monthly Tech Tip exercises is one option for consultants to choose from to earn their points.

    Tech Tips exercises are available two ways:

    • The Tech Tip exercises are available free of charge to consultants who are DHI individual members.
    • Non-individual member consultants will be charged $15.00 (US dollars) for each Tech Tip exercise.

    Note: Corporate membership benefits do not extend to the DHI Certification and Continuing Education Programs.

    To register for a Tech Tip exercise, please click on the exercise of your choice and follow the instructions to complete the registration process. Once your registration is completed, you will receive an email notifying you that the Tech Tip exercise has been added to your account. Please allow up to 10 minutes for the email to be received.

    Note: Please double check your SPAM and junk mail settings. Confirmation email messages will be sent by postmaster@edu.dhi.org and might be intercepted.

    Click here to access the Tech Tips from the DHI online education and membership system. You will be required to enter your login credentials (use the same login credentials that you used to log into the DHI website and shopping cart).

    Archived copies of 2008, 2009, and 2010 series of Tech Tips are available in PDF format found here.

  • What are the requirements for the CEP?

    The 80/20 Rule—Participants must acquire a total of 100 CEP points in a three-year period. Of those 100 points, a minimum of 80 points must be technical (attendance at events or other qualifying programs where generic technical information is presented), and a maximum of 20 points may be non-technical (chapter business meeting attendance or industry events where non-technical information is presented).

    CEP Points may also be acquired through "Tech Tips." These are short answer, written exercises you can complete and submit to DHI. Participants can acquire three CEP points for each Tech Tip (up to 36 points per year). It is easily possible to earn most of the required CEP points by completing the "Tech Tips" within a three-year period.

  • If I pass a Challenge Exam, do I earn CEP points?

    Taking and passing a Challenge Exam will earn you a significant amount of CEP points. The formula for calculating your points is: For each hour of class time a Challenge Exam is worth, 1 CEP point will be earned. (Example: COR120 is a 2-day class, and there are 8 hours in a class day. Therefore, the 16-hour class would translate to 16 CEP points earned for passing the COR120 Challenge Exam.) Please note that the tracking and documenting of earned CEP points is the responsibility of the student.

  • How do I register for the CEP Program?

    If you received your credentials on or after January 1, 2005, you have been automatically enrolled in the program. Participation is mandatory and requires the accumulation of 100 CEP points every three years. Consultants not in the program, or whose registration has expired but who wish to rejoin the program, have three options available:

    1. Equivalency Exam — A four-hour equivalency exam consisting of a combination of approximately 200 true/false, multiple choice and problem questions must be passed, as well as the accumulation of 100 CEP points every three years. The exam costs $150/individual membership and $350/non-member. Corporate membership discount does not apply.
    2. One-Year License — Earn 35 technical CEP points (points earned in the past year are eligible). Completing 12 Tech Tips from Doors & Hardware magazine from up to 12 months preceding your application is one way to acquire the necessary eligibility points. Once enrolled, you must earn 35 points each year for the next three years. These 35 points shall consist of a minimum of 30 technical CEP points, with five non-technical points permitted. You must file a new renewal application each year to remain in the program.

      A new seal, if desired, must be purchased each year. However, after your third single year in the seal program, you then have the opportunity to resume the seal program under a three-year period agreement, attaining 100 points in a three-year period. Enrollment is free for individual members, and $350/non-members. Corporate membership discount does not apply.

    3. New Certification Credential — Any individual who passes a consultant's certification exam (AHC, CDC, EHC) after January 1, 2005 is automatically registered in the CEP Program, regardless of prior certification status.

      For example, if you earned your AHC certification prior to January 1, 2005, and then received your CDC certification in January of 2006, you automatically became enrolled in the CEP program, and are required to participate. You would then begin a new three-year participation cycle, in which time you must earn 100 CEP points. Previously earned CEP points do not carry over into the new period.

Note: Dual certification consultants need earn only 100 total points during the time period, not 100 for each certification.

Stay on Track

Participants are responsible for tracking and submitting points to DHI prior to your renewal date. Upon renewal, electronic or embossing seals and stamps may be purchased by participants.

Now What?

To download the CEP Application click here. For further answers to your questions about becoming certified, or what a certified professional consultant can do for you, contact our Education Department at 703/222-2010.

If you have additional questions, contact Amee Patel at 703/766-7025.

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