DHI - Foundation for Advancement of Life Safety and Security
Foundation for Life Safety and Security

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The Door Security & Safety Foundation offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to learn and experience the vital role that the architectural opening plays in life safety and security.

Through our relationship with the DHI, the Foundation is able to provide instructors with the qualifications and insight to train fire and building code officials in a classroom setting. This training is important as it provides the means for a greater understanding of the life safety and security that each door opening potential provides.

The Foundation works with recognized experts who have designed the specifications for approximately 95% of the door openings in U.S. commercial buildings and schools. Organizations rely on the advice and expertise of a Door and Hardware consultant to keep them current on standards and technology as it pertains to safety and security. These current standards and technology need to offer a combination of the best possible fire protection and reasonable amount of security.

Through our relationship with multiple organizations and the generous time and financial support of many companies and individuals, the Foundation is also able to provide programs that reach out into the community by providing life safety inspections and door related products that enhance the safety and security of existing buildings.

With the continued support for the Foundation for the Advancement of Life Safety and Security, it is our hope that we can continue to reach out to all types of organizations and individuals that have an interest in maintaining the integrity of the safety and security of every door opening across the country.

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We need your help if we are to build on this success! The Door Security & Safety Foundation is a charitable organization, therefore donations made to it are tax deductible (in the U.S.). But ensuring that the architectural openings industry remains viable goes beyond tax brackets and charitable donations. Your contribution will provide accessible, affordable, high quality educational opportunities that will make us the indispensable primary channel to furnish architectural openings products and services.

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