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May 2015

DHI Celebrates 40th Anniversary
Stephen R. Hildebrand, FDHI
An explanation of the formation of DHI through a merger of the NBHA and ASAHC

Life Safety Is a Team Effort
Mark Mitchell, FDAI
How the process to ensure life safety only works if each stakeholder is effective and collaborates with the others

The Role of BIM in Fire Door Inspections
Sebastien Dubois, FDAI
How BIM is used to assess the condition of any door in a building

Commentary: Creating a Compliant Culture
Rick Calhoun
How one large distributor grew its fire door assembly inspection program one step at a time

Barricade Device? Think Twice!
Why barricading devices for classroom doors may seem to address the immediate need for security but also raise safety concerns

Fire Door Inspections and Owners' Responsibilities
Carlos A. Alcantar, FDAI
A discussion of building owners' responsibilities in the proper functioning of their buildings' fire doors, as well as how the extensive training that DHI has given FDAIs has raised the bar in fire door awareness

DHI's Fire Door Assembly Inspection Program: Impact and Opportunities for Life Safety Outreach
Jacob Wexler, FDAI
How to use the FDAI program to full advantage to further DHI's life safety outreach

Foundation Increases Awareness and Education Outreach
Paul Baillargeon, AHC, FDAI
An update on the Door Security & Safety Foundation's initiative to provide awareness and education on NFPA 80's revised care and maintenance standards, as well as required annual inspections of fire door assemblies

5 Questions: George Mills of The Joint Commission
The Director of the Department of Engineering for The Joint Commission discusses how DHI and the Door Security & Safety Foundation can raise awareness in the healthcare community about the importance of the fire and egress door as a critical part of life safety.

Understanding Lock Functions
Melany Whalin, CSI
The challenges specifiers face when determining which lock function is appropriate for each door

7 Keys to Successful Hardware Specification Writing
Spencer Colvin, AHC, CSI
Seven key elements to pay careful attention to when writing specs for door hardware


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