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Audit Committee

Receives the audit for the Institute and DHI’s Foundation and reports submission to both Boards. The committee is available to receive reports of fraud or financial misconduct from anyone in the organization, independently oversee the financial activities as set out in the governance policies of the Association, and periodically select a public accounting firm to audit the financial books and records of DHI.

Awards Committee

Provides an unbiased board of judges to evaluate nominations/applications of all Institute awards, with the exception of the distinguished consultant awards and the Robert G. Ryan Editorial Awards. (View a list of past award recipients.)

Board of Governors Nominating Committee

Selects the future slate of DHI leaders who can address opportunities and threats facing the industry.

Officers Nominating Committee

Maintains a description of the responsibilities of each officer position (president-elect; first and second vice-presidents) and their respective roles, identifies future leaders for DHI, recommends the development of the skills for potential leaders through DHI Committee service.

Certification Council

Responsible for monitoring, updating, and modifying all aspects of the certification program, including DHI’s Continuing Education Program. Makes recommendations to the Board of Governors regarding procedures and requirements for candidates for each of DHI's consultant classifications and related issues that advance the goals and initiatives of the Institute.

Chapter Leadership Committee

Develops tools for use by DHI chapters in the areas of leadership, communications and education. This committee assists staff in strengthening the chapter network, reviews and recommends to the Board of Governors appropriate action on structural changes of the chapter network to meet the needs of the DHI member, conducts leadership training and orientation programs and is available to assist struggling chapters.

Conference & Exhibition Council (Formerly Exhibitor Advisory Council)

Addresses specific concerns pertaining to the annual convention and tradeshow, such as the selection of future locations and major activities and programs held during the show.

Conference Host Committee

Provides DHI staff with knowledge of the industry and stakeholder presence in the area and offers city-specific advice for schedule and travel suggestions.

Distinguished Consultant Selection and Evaluation Committee

Reviews and processes nominations for Distinguished Architectural Hardware Consultants and Distinguished Certified Door Consultants recipients.

Distributors Best Practices Group and Contracts Task Force

Develops best practices programs for DHI membership and identifies negative practices or trends in the marketplace.

Door Security & Safety Foundation - Liaison to Board of Trustees

Represents the BOG at all Foundation Board of Trustee meetings and reports back to the BOG on the Foundation’s efforts. Presents to the BOG, on behalf of the Foundation, items that require BOG discussion and approval and reports to the Foundation actions taken by the BOG that affect or are of interest to the Foundation. Participates in the Foundation’s fundraising efforts.

Education Council and EC Task Force

Ensures quality and consistency in DHI’s education through educational needs assessments, instructor preparation programs and ongoing evaluation; Oversees the selection of the proper delivery mechanism for each topic area as determined by the needs assessment; Evaluates program outlines or lesson goals to ensure a consistent message; Works closely with the BOC on matters related to Certification and the Continuing Education Program.

Finance Committee

Reviews draft budgets to assure their conformity to the strategic plan; Reviews the investment policies and make recommendations to the Board of Governors; Serves as the Compensation Committee and conforms to the review process as outlined under Monitoring Executive Performance; Receives the Quarterly Reports in advance of Board of Governors.

Joint Metal/Wood Door Hardware Standards

Assists hardware manufacturers (BHMA) and wood and steel door and frame manufacturers (SDI and WDMA) in the development of industry standards.

Media & Editorial Board

Provides regular input and support for development of editorial content and schedule. Selects the recipient(s) of the Robert G. Ryan Editorial Award.

Strategic Advisory Council

Analyzes trends and developing research and makes recommendations to the Board of Governors for both the annual review and the periodic rewrite of DHI’s Strategic Plan.