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To help you correctly and consistently apply the new DHI logo to your materials, please read the DHI Logo Usage Guidelines. Also included with these guidelines is a one-page sheet showing different versions of the new DHI logo. To order camera ready logos for printing purposes, contact Denise Gable, Publisher/Managing Editor, 703/766-7018.

Note: The certification emblems may be used only by those designated as certified consultants and placed on letterhead, calling cards or forms with the consultant's name in an area designated exclusively for that purpose, to avoid association with the company name. If your firm employs more than one consultant and you prefer not to list them individually on your letterhead, you may substitute the phrase "AHCs [CDCs/AOCs/EHCs] Employed."

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Certification Emblems

Certified Door Consultant

Architectural Openings Consultant

Architectural Hardware Consultant

Electrified Hardware Consultant

Door Security & Safety Foundation