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2014 John M. Wilson, DAHC Memorial Scholarship

Have you been thinking about your career path, wondering how you can become more valuable to your customers and the organization you work for? If so, here’s an opportunity to advance within your chosen profession.

The John (Jack) M. Wilson, DAHC Scholarship was created in 1989, honouring the memory and life long commitment to learning of a dedicated and founding member of the Ontario Chapter.

The purpose of the Scholarship is to support and encourage individuals interested in advancing their careers in the Life Safety and Security Industry. Scholarships are limited to individual members - or employees of Corporate Members - in good standing within the Ontario Chapter of DHI.

This year three (3) Scholarships will be awarded. Each Scholarship is worth up to $ 1000.00 CDN and can be used towards any of the DHI courses offered.

The deadline for receipt of applications is March 31, 2014. Scholarships will be awarded on May 8, 2014 at the DHI Ontario Chapter AGM and must be used by April 30th, 2015

If you meet the criteria outlined above and are interested in applying for the scholarship please contact me at: andyp@jpwsystems.ca

Andy Pope, EHC

Committee Members: Gerry Maguire AHC, Nate O’Farrell, Milt Allred AHC,
Scott Kittell

November 4, 2013

Dear Member:

Your membership with DHI is a choice.  We joined for different reasons and at different times; however, DHI remains the primary resource for our professional development in the industry.  It also serves as an advocating voice for your business, or the one you’re employed with.  Your Ontario Chapter therefore, represents your greatest opportunity for direct involvement with DHI and its local direction.

Over the years, many good people stepped up to help organize and run your Chapter. Recently, we have had several members come forward to offer help on various Committees. We also have good intentioned volunteers who have stepped up to help, but for various reasons are not able to perform their expected duties.  Not to discourage anyone, the reality is most positions will require a small involvement at various times in the year.  To be fair, there has been little to no communication of the responsibilities or expectations of a volunteer on the various committee positions. While most of these positions require minimal involvement, the involvement, when required, is crucial.

As I mentioned, we have many great volunteers in our Chapter. We encourage anyone who is interested to get involved. If you are currently the Chair of a committee, please take some time to evaluate your position on the Board.  Did you take on something you thought you had time for and now, due to circumstances, you don’t? Or, perhaps, you volunteered for a committee where the expectations where unclear to you.

We all have family and work related responsibilities that impact our ability to perform the required Chapter Committee duties we volunteered for. For some members, this makes it unreasonable to volunteer for Committee Chair positions, or to become a Chapter Officer.  Perhaps, assisting another volunteer on a committee may be a more appropriate way to be involved. Bottom line, we need volunteers!  No judgments here, our family lives and careers change. These are more important than any position you volunteered for.

The strength and viability of our chapter is built on its volunteers.  Please find, attached, the Ontario Chapter Leadership Roster, with open positions highlighted in yellow.  In confidence, let me know if you need to alter your commitment level, or if you are able to step up. We appreciate all the work volunteers have done and continue to do.



Ken Burkimsher
President, Ontario Chapter - DHI

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