FDAI’s Exclusive Resources

As the latest editions of NFPA 80 (2007 ed.) and NFPA 101 (2009 ed.) are adopted across the U.S., demand for Fire Door Assembly Inspectors (FDAIs) is rapidly increasing.

To help FDAI's take advantage of this initiative, DHI has developed a number of resources specific to the FDAI program that will help inspectors conduct inspections, educate end-users (building owners and facility management), and successfully market door inspection services as a FDAI.

DHI currently offers the following materials exclusively to FDAIs.

Inspection Forms

To assist our industry as they conduct their annual inspections, DHI has created an Inspection Report form that is available to those who have successfully completed the Fire and Egress Door Assembly Inspection class (DAI600).

Inspection Report forms, used by the FDAI to document inspection(s), allow building owners to keep the necessary paperwork on file in compliance with the new code requirements.

  • Form 1: Inspection Summary Report
  • Form 2: Fire Door Assembly Index
  • Form 3: Fire-Rated Swinging Door Inspection Survey
  • Form 4: Inspection Checklist

Form 1: Inspection
Summary Report


Form 2: Fire Door
Assembly Index


Form 3: Fire-Rated Swinging Door Inspection Survey


Form 4:
Inspection Checklist


Owner’s Brochure

  • DHI created a brochure for download by FDAIs. The brochure art can be printed by Inspectors and distributed to clients as useful marketing collateral.
  • Audience: Owners who have just completed a new building
  • Distribution: By DHI's Fire Door Assembly Inspectors (FDAIs) who perform inspections at the final meeting with owner to tee up need for inspections in order to maintain compliance with  mandates that require annual fire doo assembly inspections.

FDAI Logos

Market your services as an FDAI in business cards, stationery and other promotional materials using official FDAI Logo artwork.

Contact education@dhi.org or call 703/222-2010 to order forms or logos.


FDAI Apparel

Look official in specially-designed FDAI trade-marked apparel items. Purchase FDAI-branded items from hats to jackets or polo shirts to long-sleeved work shirts that bear the mark of a DHI Fire Door Assembly Inspector.

Contact education@dhi.org or call 703/222-2010 to order.

FDAI Buttondown shirt FDAI Cap Reference Guide FDAI Fleece