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Be An Advocate for Your Business

Every day, elected officials are making decisions that impact the door and hardware industry. Construction and renovation of schools, healthcare decisions, and commercial real estate - all of these can affect your business. Become active in DHI’s Government Relations/Grass Roots program and help lawmakers understand the potential impact of their actions on your business!

GR Program

Government Relations = Grass Roots

We hear a lot about “Grass Roots Efforts” in politics. The reason for this is the efficacy of these movements and the speed at which they can grow. As we often remind our members, EVERY VOICE MATTERS. MAKE YOURS HEARD! Much of what goes on in the political realm of Capitol Hill seems so far beyond our ability to make an impact, but we are mobilizing our members, confident in the knowledge that collectively, out actions will make a difference for our industry.

DHI’s GR Program or GRP helps build personal relationships between DHI members and their federal legislators and provides a number of ways for manufacturers and distributors to relay their opinions to lawmakers. In spite of their positions of power, the politicians on Capitol Hill are keenly aware that they rely on the opinions of experts in the various industries to educate them about the issues and help them make informed decisions. In other words, they need to hear from you!

By participating in the GRP, you become a part of the Grass Roots Network that will allow DHI to proactively address key issues that will potentially impact our industry. This network will consist of DHI members who can be mobilized to contact their legislators, both locally and nationally, and work in conjunction with DHI and other experts and coalitions to be a voice on Capitol Hill for our industry.

Navigating the political processes and legislative decision-making channels will be most effective if done by those most significantly impacted by those decisions: YOU, the member.

Sign up to participate in the GR Program and we will keep you informed about key regulatory and legislative changes that affect door and hardware manufacturers and distributors and provide insights on what these changes will mean to your company. From time-to-time, DHI Alerts will be issued by email to provide you with fast, easy-to-use ways to tell elected representatives how their decisions will impact your business, your employees, and your community.

The GRP also provides other proactive ways to get engaged (see below). From inviting a lawmaker to your facility to coming with us to Capitol Hill to visit with legislators, we invite you to make a difference. You decide how much time you want to invest and DHI will help you each step of the way.

Help DHI further develop a strong advocacy effort on behalf of the industry. To join us and offer your support, click here.
Collectively, our industry’s efforts have the potential to bring about countless positive changes that will benefit everyone working within the openings industry. We encourage you to get involved today!

“Grassroots advocacy is how many issues get to the forefront of our consciousness and, more importantly, to the floor of the House of Representatives. Face to face meetings in my office or back home are where the issues important to my district get handled. I encourage everyone to get involved in a grassroots movement, to participate fully in our democracy and to make a difference in the lives of those around them.” Rep. John Boozman (R-Arkansas)

Receive Email Updates

Be Informed! Know what issues potentially impact our industry! Whether you are currently a DHI member or not, sign up for the DHI IndustryWatch and keep in touch with must-know industry news and stories in the following categories: Business Update, Construction & Design, Security, Government Affairs, Member News and DHI News.

There are numerous ways the GRP can help you be an advocate for your business:

1. Answer the Call! - Our DHI “Action Alerts” will notify you about pending votes in Congress where your voice can make a difference. DHI sample letters, contact links, and background information make it easy for you to weigh in on a legislative issue. As a constituent, your voice carries weight with your elected representatives.

2. Invite a Lawmaker to Your Facility - DHI staff will arrange visits by lawmakers to visit member companies. A tour of your facility helps Members of Congress become familiar with your business and the importance of your business in your community.

3. Come with Us to Capitol Hill - DHI will provide opportunities for your company executives to meet with lawmakers who represent districts in which you do business. These “Day in Washington” events provide a great opportunity to make Capitol Hill work for you by meeting face-to-face with legislators or their staff to share your views.

4. Work with DHI Staff - Invite DHI government relations staff to attend a company meeting to discuss challenges on the regulatory front, the status of key legislation, and how to become activists for the industry.

5. Recognize Lawmakers Who Share Your Commitment to Free Enterprise - DHI will present an award at the conclusion of each Congress, to recognize legislators who have demonstrated their support of business by their voting records on issues such as taxes, free trade, labor policy, and economic factors. We invite your participation!