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Door and Hardware Institute
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Chantilly, VA 20151-2232
P: 703/222-2010
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Who’s Who at DHI

DHI Board of Governors

DHI Canada Staff and Board of Directors

DHI Past Presidents

Door Security & Safety Foundation

Management Team

Jerry Heppes, Sr., CAE
Chief Executive Officer

Direct: 703/766-7010
Strategic direction, policy, finance, governance, organizational relationships, and staff management.

Stephen R. Hildebrand, FDHI
Executive Vice President

Direct: 703/766-7017
Strategic business and revenue development, brand and value awareness, and strategic marketing initiatives.

Sharon Newport
Director of Operations

Direct: 703/766-7009
Operations planning and management, including oversight of communications and services to membership.

Kathleen Fite, CPA
Director of Finance

Direct: 703/766-7003
Financial administration and reporting, budget development and investments management.

Julie Walter
Director of Events

Direct: 703/766-7036
Events planning and management, and logistics for Annual Conference, DHI schools, board meetings, committee meetings, and staff events.

Keith E. Pardoe, DAHC/CDC, FDAI, CDT
Director of Technical Development

Direct: 703/766-7024
Development of technical education, chief technical spokesperson, representative to codes and standards bodies.

Chuck J. Molina
Chief Technology Officer/Director of Information Technology

Direct: 703/766-7008
Information technology strategic planning, management and administration.

Cathy Jones
Executive Assistant

Direct: 703/766-7012
Supports management team and volunteer leadership.

Coordinated by Stephen R. Hildebrand, FDHI, Executive Vice President

Greg Drake, AHC
Associate Director of Education and Certification

Direct: 830-625-2727
Supports education and certification programs.

Hanne Sevachko
Education Manager

Direct: 703/766-7034
Manages education and certification programs as well as education business development.

Amee Patel
Education and Certification Services Coordinator

Direct: 703/766-7025
Chapter education and in-house training programs, online education, certification exam coordination.

Member and Chapter Relations
Coordinated by Sharon Newport, Director of Operations

Paige (Purdum) Horton
Membership and Chapter Relations Manager

Direct: 703/766-7019
Membership recruitment and retention, chapter support.

Member Services
Coordinated by Sharon Newport, Director of Operations

Kara Burgess
Member Services Manager

Direct: 703/766-7029
Manages Member Services, technical literature fulfillment, events registration, and classified advertising.

Marie Favicchio
Member Services Associate

Direct: 703/766-7020
Member services support, events and education registration support, database support.

Coordinated by Julie Walter, Director of Events

Alexandra D'Imperio
Events Planner

Direct: 703/766-7026
Event planning for conventions, expositions, meetings and schools.

Coordinated by Sharon Newport, Director of Operations

Denise Gable
Publisher/Managing Editor

Direct: 703/766-7018
Publisher and Managing Editor of Doors & Hardware magazine, IndustryWatch e-newsletter, and all other DHI publications including education, convention and membership communications.

Molly Long
Advertising Manager

Direct: 703/766-7014
Display advertising for Doors & Hardware magazine, convention program; interactive advertising for website, and IndustryWatch e-newsletter.

Martin Stanley
Magazine Creative Director

Direct: 703/766-7016
Design and production of Doors & Hardware magazine.

Matt Robertson
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Direct: 703/766-7032
Implementation of all marketing and communications initiatives including content management for website and social media.

Finance and HR
Coordinated by Kathleen Fite, CPA, Director of Finance

Jennifer Denner, CPA
Staff Accountant

Direct: 703/766-7002
Supports financial maintenance and reporting.

Cathy Milchak
Accounting Assistant

Direct: 703/766-7004
Accounts receivable and financial maintenance and reporting.

Tina Cole
Human Resources and Payroll Specialist
Direct: 703/766-7007
personnel, payroll and health insurance administration

Information Technology
Coordinated by Chuck Molina, Chief Technology Officer/Director of Information Technology

Stanley Song
Information Technology Specialist

Direct: 703/766-7006
Database, systems technician, and IT support.