2018 Board of Governors Nominees

The voting period for the DHI Board of Governors election is open until June 1. Please take this opportunity to elect new members who will lead DHI for the next three-year term. DHI members can vote here. If you need assistance with your voting login, contact memberservices@dhi.org.

This year's nominees are:

David R. Beckham, AHC

Operations Manager, Cook & Boardman Group, LLC

Year you joined DHI: 2006
I joined in 2006 as an individual member and was a corporate member since 2001.  

National Level Experience:
As a member of DHI since 2001, I have served as an Instructor multiple times for various class courses including: Master keying, electrified hardware, take off & estimating, and AHC Exam Prep. I achieved my AHC credentials in 2006.

Chapter Level Experience:
In 2000, I attended my first chapter meeting and became a member of the Great Lakes Chapter.   After relocating to Central Florida in 2007, I joined the Sunshine Chapter where I served as Instructor for chapter led classes.  I was elected as the Vice President in 2010 and then took on the role of President in 2011 until 2015. I am currently a member of the North Carolina Chapter.  

Supporting Biographical Information:
Through high school I worked at the local lumber yard in the millwork department where I was first introduced to doors.  In 1999 I went to work for a distributor, J&L Metal Doors located in the Chicago Market, where I held many positions from warehouse to sales. Thanks to the owner of J&L I was encouraged to get involved with the industry and work toward earning the AHC credential.

In 2007 I moved to Central Florida and joined Hollow Metal Specialists, a traditional Division 8 distributor. HMS was eventually acquired by Stock Building Supply, and later became part of the Cook and Boardman Group. I functioned in many roles there including Project Management, Estimating, Sales, Sales Manager, and Assistant Manager. In early 2018 I moved to North Carolina where I continued to work for Cook and Boardman in the corporate office as the Operations Manager, where I report directly to our CEO. My responsibilities in this newly created position will help keep our company abreast of best practice solutions and emerging markets and technologies. It is rewarding to be a part of this industry in so many ways. The rarely acknowledged but very important role we play keeps people all over the world safe and secure every day.

Future of DHI:
I strongly support the Door Security and Safety Foundation in their efforts to positively influence the construction industry and change building codes to promote safety. I support the efforts to actively identify, attract, and educate younger people as they enter our industry. I also support the development of technologies that are constantly changing our industry in both product and system software fields. I am proud to be a member of DHI for many reasons. DHI’s educational programs have helped steer my career, helped me network in this awesome community we call the door and hardware industry, and most importantly encouraged me to be a professional member or our industry.   

David Ilardi

VP Sales, Central Region, Allegion

Year you joined DHI:

National Level Experience:
While not a specific national association role, in 2017, my first exposure to some of the national level DHI strategy work currently in progress was during the Access Control Expansion meeting. I was asked to participate in the Access Control Expansion discussions representing Allegion. This experience sparked my interest to increase my involvement in the association overall.

Chapter Level Experience:
No chapter level experience.

Supporting Biographical Information:
I currently serve as the central region VP Sales for Allegion. My involvement in the door and hardware industry began when I joined Allegion (formerly Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies) in 2008. In that time, I’ve led and participated in market analysis, creation of new business strategy, development of channel programs and initiatives, ongoing training and education, and more. Through my overall career, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with customer service, supply chain, operations, sales, marketing, strategy development as well as global projects across multiple industries: security, commercial refrigeration, and financial services. It is my intent to leverage all my experience to give back to DHI members and the association as the door hardware industry continues to evolve into the future. I currently live in Carmel, IN with my wife and three children.


Future of DHI:
In the future, I believe DHI must continue to evolve itself as an organization through listening to its members, working to build partnerships in the security space, and preparing for ongoing disruption in the industry. Key priorities I support are first and foremost the Door Security & Safety Foundation and its efforts to advocate for the important work of our industry professionals. Secondly, is the ongoing education and training of DHI members. I believe it is critical to the success of our members businesses and the industry overall that we continue to develop those in our companies as they grow their careers. Lastly, while there is much debate still about the role our industry in the electronic security and access control markets, the reality of our current situation is clear. We must evolve to hold our positions as the door and hardware suppliers-of-choice to contractors and building owners. By adopting and developing new business practices and capabilities, our industry can remain uniquely qualified to best serve our customers. Thank you for the opportunity to serve on the board of governors.  

Owen E. Kelley

Managing Member, Kelley Bros.

Year you joined DHI: 2013  

National Level Experience:

Since joining the industry in 2013, I have been a participant at each DHI Convention. In 2016, I joined a steering committee aimed at targeting young professionals within our industry, and participated in DHI’s LEAD Academy, an educational program geared for rising managers.

Chapter Level Experience:
I am not currently involved with a local DHI Chapter, though for the past 5 years, have supported both the Empire State and New York Chapters through participation in various events.  

Supporting Biographical Information:

Being the 5th generation Kelley to work in the business, one may have thought my career in doors and hardware was a foregone conclusion.  On the contrary, I spent multiple years building a career in Finance before seeing the light. To an outsider, our industry may appear vanilla – I am still unsure how to keep a stranger engaged after explaining my profession – but I was fascinated by the integral role our products play in fostering safety and security for building inhabitants. Further intriguing to me was the intersection of doors and hardware with innovative trends affecting construction, such as green building and electronic access control. Through my travels, I have had a chance to meet and collaborate with several talented and accomplished individuals, and owe much of my “training” to these frequent interactions.

I reside in Somerville, MA, a few miles outside Boston. When not working, I can be found at home with my fiancée Hannah and our Newfoundland puppy Kona, traveling, or hacking away on the golf course.
Future of DHI:
DHI is not alone in its focus on continued relevancy amongst its membership; many industry organizations are facing a similar challenge.  An invested and engaged membership is vital to the future success of DHI, meaning we must answer, what do DHI’s various stakeholders deem important? The supplier-distributor dynamic is not without its bumps, but both parties have a vested interest in developing the next generation within their ranks. I commend DHI for its revamped certification model, but more can be done to assist its member companies solve the perpetual recruiting-training-retention conundrum. In my capacity on the Board of Governors, I would work to advance an initiative focused on technical school partnerships, with the goal of developing a broader talent pool from which all members could draw.

Staying abreast of, and embracing, industry trends is of upmost importance to any company seeking longevity. DHI should be serving as a professional resource for its members, ensuring they are not only aware of trends but are well-positioned to capitalize on imminent industry changes. General Contractors and Owners would be well-served engaging in consistent dialogue with an unbiased body like DHI. For example, where does lean-construction fall on their list of priorities, and how should such a service be delivered? Feedback from DHI on questions like these would be invaluable to any company evaluating investment opportunities.

Rex E. Newcomer, AHC/CDC, CDT, FDHI

CEO, D. H. Pace Company, Inc.

Year you joined DHI: 1987

National Level Experience:
Service on the Strategic Planning Committee from 2001-2002
Served on the National Board of Governors from 2002-2008 and again 2011-2018. 
Served as chairman of the Certification Committee from during the transition to the new Certification initiative. 

Chapter Level Experience:

Supporting Biographical Information:

39 years working in the Door Industry for a family owned distribution firm. 

Certified as an Architectural Hardware Consultant and Certified Door Consultant from the Door and Hardware Institute.

Recipient of the DHI Fellow Award, which is the Institute’s second highest award based on service and is conferred on any DHI member who is deemed to have contributed significant and outstanding service to the Institute or to the architectural openings industry.

Certified as a Construction Documents Technologist from the Construction Specifications Institute. 

Future of DHI:
DHI makes a critical contribution in education, advocacy, and networking on behalf of our industry. This role has never been more important as changes in the marketplace represent both a potential opportunity and a threat to the health of our industry. Our industry can and should prosper in the 21st century. It is up to us as members, working with the staff at DHI, to chart a course that makes us indispensable to the marketplace.      

Edwin Toy, DAHC

Executive Vice President, Spalding Hardware Systems

Year you joined DHI:
  • 1986
  • I received my AHC in 1991 and have been enrolled in the AHC seal program since the inception of the program.
  • In 2011, I was honored to receive the Distinguished Consultant designation (DAHC)
National Level Experience:

As a member of DHI since 1986, I have served two terms on the DHI Board of Governors from 2008-2014.

During that time I have served on the following boards:

  • Finance Committee
  • Awards Committee
  • DAHC Selection Committee
  • Education Committee
  • I was also on the committee that produced the industry recruitment video available to members for use for staff recruitment .
Chapter Level Experience:
Upon joining DHI in 1986, I was actively involved in our Chapter, positions held and committee’s served on include the following:
  • Chapter Treasurer
  • Chapter Vice President
  • Chapter President
  • Golf Tournament Chair
  • Education Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Nomination Committee
  • Local Chapter Education Instructor
Supporting Biographical Information:

I am a graduate of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) with diplomas in Architecture and Business.

As an active member of my alumni, I currently guest lecture first year students in the Architectural Program in the Specifications and Detailing Courses with emphasis on Division 8 & 28.

I am also a regular lecturer for CSC (Construction Specifications Canada) and IDA (Interior Designers of Alberta) for Division 8 products.

As well as being a current member of DHI, I also belong to CANASA (Canadian Security Association).

I work closely with the local law enforcement agencies and the local authority having jurisdiction providing educational seminars/solutions and product knowledge.

I am actively involved with the following organizations:
  • CASA (Child, Adolescent, and Family Mental Health)
  • Habitat for Humanity
Future of DHI: 
During my 30 plus years in the industry, I have seen our industry undergo many changes. One of the biggest changes has been the increasingly upward demand for more secure openings and smarter openings.  

DHI will need to continue to adapt to the changing market demands & membership needs to stay relevant. Education will need to continue to be one of our key focuses if not the main one.

I believe that DHI can support our organization and membership best by continuing to expand our educational offerings. The future of our industry will be dependent on the having a well educated & forward thinking industry and DHI needs to play a major role in this goal. I was a member of the BOG when the new credential programs were being designed, discussed, and getting ready for membership roll out. I believe this was a critical program that was long overdue as it gave flexibility to our membership for those who wanted to specialize in specific roles in our industry and who had no desire to pursue the traditional AHC/CDC/EHC designations. We need to continue this forward type of thinking for our members.  

Education will need to continue to grow as the major cornerstone for DHI. I understand the need for innovative door hardware and security system design that meets the needs of today’s end user.  While there are many different trades and scopes that must work together to achieve a truly integrated opening, our industry needs to own the opening. To reach & maintain that goal, we need to maintain our leadership role in the opening industry and become the go to expert for electrified and IT based hardware. This will only become possible through continued education and advocacy by the DHI leadership.

The future for our industry will revolve around IT based door hardware or we face a downward trend of becoming an industry based on the distribution of commodity products.

Laura A. Wacik, AHC, FDAI, FDHI

Sr. Vice President, J C Ryan EBCO/H&G, LL

Year you joined DHI:
  I joined DHI in 1987 & regularly have attended NY Chapter meetings & DHI National conferences & continue to be a member ever since.  

National Level Experience:  
On the National level, I have attended a Chapter Leadership Conference in Chantilly VA & was proud to serve as Co-Chair & on the Host Committee of our 36th Annual Conference & Exposition at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City in 2011.  More recently I have served on the DHI Audit Committee & was Chairperson of that same committee 2016/2017.  

Chapter Level Experience:  
The NY Chapter has always had strong leadership that inspired me.  I worked my way up to Chapter President 2011/2013. Prior to that I was President Elect 2009/2011, Vice President 2007/2009, Treasurer 2005/2007 & Chapter Secretary 2003/2005.   

I have been on our Awards Committee from 2007 to the present.  As the Immediate Past President 2014/2015, I was able to participate in choosing the recipient of the Charles G Smith AHC & Zeke Wolfskehl, DAHC, EHC Scholarships. Also, I have been able to share my creative side by producing the NY Chapter DHI Meeting Notices from 2003 to the present.  

Supporting Biographical Information:  
I became an Apprentice AHC in 1987.  In 1992 I received my AHC credentials.  In 2014 I challenged myself & was successful in receiving my FDAI credentials.  In 2017 I was humbled to receive the DHI Fellow Award.  

My passion for personal & professional growth is fueled by reading or listening to at least one book a week.  A few of my favorites that I apply to daily life are The Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey & 10-10-10 by Suzy Welch & The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.  For fun, I love posting to my Pinterest boards, which include everything from 'Vintage Doors, Frames & Hardware', Alzheimer's Awareness, to 'Life is Good!'.  

Future of DHI:  

I am excited to continue to promote DHI's new credentialing program.  As someone who loves what I do, I would like to establish a more formalized industry mentorship program, where the 'young-un's' as I call them, clearly choose at least one respected person from within their company or in the industry & make official the mentor/mentee relationship.  This program would help to ensure their growth & the future of DHI.

Byron W. Whetstone

President/Chief Executive Officer,  American Direct Inc.

DHI Member since: 2006

National Level Experience: 

I have supported the national DHI for a number of years as a Diamond Level Sponsor ($10,000) to the Door Security & Safety Foundation. I have been a continuous attendee at the annual DHI Conventions since 1985 and have been an exhibitor for the first time in 2017 and again in 2018. We have also supported the DHI as a participant in the DHI Pavilion at ISC West in Las Vegas, as an exhibitor. Of course, we have also supported the dues payments of all of our associates who are members of DHI.

Chapter Level Experience:
Until very recently the DHI Mo-Kan chapter had essentially quit meeting except for the annual golf-outing. We have continuously sponsored the golf-outing as the lunch sponsor for many years.

Supporting Biographical Information:  
My background in the industry began in 1991 when I founded American Direct. We have been unique in our perspective in the marketplace, acting for many years without the traditional “hollow metal shop” and drop-shipping projects in total. This “out-source” hollow metal fabrication is now a standard practice by many in the space. I have led the acquisition efforts of the business since 2012 to now enhance our service offerings through eight (8) American Direct Fulfillment Centers and seventeen (17) sales offices, providing a national platform for the business logistics.

I have a degree in Business Administration, from University of Oklahoma and a graduate degree in Speech Communications, from Kansas State University. I am a lay pastor and the Executive Director in a “house church” planting group based out of a “not-for-profit” coffeehouse called Homer’s in downtown Overland Park, KS. I am married to Jerri and we have three children, Tyler, Peyton, and Benjamin.

Future of DHI:

There has never been a more crucial time for our industry because the advancements in technology are going to challenge our distribution channel into again “defining who owns the door opening.” Already the electrified locking products are changing the path to market for these products and the CSI Div 8 and Div 28 debate continues. Now however with the “mobile phone credential” becoming the shared device in the entire building automation profiles, the door opening is clearly at risk of migrating away from us. Will there be mechanical products, certainly, but where is the operating margin going to be?  

In 2016, I bought an access-control software (AccessNsite) for the specific purpose of trying to expand the mechanical aspects of our business into a broader technology offering. If DHI is going to lead a professional organization of “door security and safety professionals” then we had best lead the way in answering the question “who owns the door opening,” rather than serving another master, likely an IT professional who is without understanding of the consequences for our businesses.