Happy 45th Anniversary, DHI!

This year marks DHI's 45th anniversary: when the National Builders Hardware Association (NBHA) and the American Society of Architectural Hardware Consultants (ASAHC) formally joined forces to become the Door and Hardware Institute in 1975. 

The Beginnings of a Merger

On March 1, 1973, the first meeting of 15 volunteers representing both organizations met in Washington, D.C. to begin formal discussions of the merger and to start writing bylaws for the proposed new association. The follow-up meetings must have been interesting, because it took another two years until they finalized everything! Needless to say, there were quite a few details to hammer out before the formal date of incorporation came to pass on May 1, 1973. The purpose and objectives of the new association, incorporated into the first bylaws, brought greater definition to our industry. They included:

  • Represent the architectural openings industry as a major component of the construction industry
  • Work with the architectural profession in the selection and specification of suitable quality materials consistent with consumers’ needs
  • Provide the qualified technicians to properly engineer, manufacture, specify and detail quality materials and components for standard and special construction details
  • Establish educational programs, both technical and managerial, and administer the program for certification for the benefit of the industry
  • Establish recommended codes of conduct to elevate the professional level of those engaged as technicians
  • Promote and maintain understanding and cooperation among members and others to advance these common interests
  • Work continuously toward efficiency of operation through improved management techniques


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A New Day, A New DHI

DHI has made a concerted effort to evolve over the last few years, taking into account what members needed to grow professionally and for their companies to prosper. With this new perspective and outlook, DHI created countless new initiatives to help ensure the future success of its members. Learn more about the New Day, New DHI era of our association.

Celebrate 45 Years of DHI with Us

This historic merger is worth acknowledging and celebrating—especially in light of the unprecedented year that our industry has faced. Share your DHI pride on social media by posting with the hashtag #DHI45. Over the next few months, we'll continue to commemorate this major anniversary through a celebratory series of emails and social posts, so be sure to follow along!

Thank you for being a part of our first 45 years.

Here's to another impactful 45.