Board of Governors


Jeffery S. Batick, EHC, DHT, DHC, CFDAI, FDHI

Specification Manager, Allegion

Jeffrey S. Batick, EHC, DHT, DHC, CFDAI, FDHI has been a volunteer instructor at DHI national for over 12 years. He currently serves on the Certification Council under Certification Council Chair, Kevin Tish. Jeffrey has been a staunch supporter of education and certification with DHI for many years. Jeffrey has held Chapter President, President Emeritus, and been on or chaired the Education Committee for DHI New England for many years.  He currently conducts all local training for the chapter. Jeffreys current certifications and credentials are follows: EHC, DHT, DHC, CFDAI, FDHI.  He received the 2021 Fellows Award for his contributions at the National Level and Local Level. Jeffrey has been in the industry for 27 years and have worked roles at numerous levels throughout his career.  He currently manages the specification team at Allegion, and is involved with Allegion international mentoring program, both as a mentor and mentee. Our biggest challenge is the attraction of talent and those that want to pursue a career in the Door and Hardware industry. Stating that- Jeffrey is firmly aligned with the strategic goals outlined by DHI for this term.