Board of Governors

Scott Suppes, AHC

President & CEO, CP Distributors 

Scott is currently President & CEO of CP Distributors Ltd, where he has been employed for over 30 years, beginning his career in 1984. His career started with CP Distributors as an apprentice in the Door and Hardware business for several years in Saskatoon. Scott obtained his AHC (Architectural Hardware Consultant) in 1992. 

His leadership abilities took him in 1998 to Calgary as the Branch Manager, in-charge of sales, fabrication, coordination and shipping departments.  In 2000 he left CP Distributors Ltd. to return to Saskatoon, to pursue other business interests as General Manager of The United Group.

Returning to CP Distributors Ltd in 2004, as part of a buy-out of the company, he became the new President and CEO of CP Distributors Ltd.

With Scott’s dedication to the door and hardware industry, DHI has always been an integral part of CP Distributors Ltd for the education it provides for the employees. In-between his busy schedule running CP Distributors Ltd., Scott donates his time, expertise and knowledge as an instructor at the bi-yearly DHI Canada Schools.