About the Door and Hardware Institute®

Who We Are

The Door and Hardware Institute® (DHI) is an association proudly serving door security + safety professionals, and the dynamic companies they represent, in the non-residential construction industry. Through education, advocacy, accreditation and facilitated networking, we provide members with the collective intelligence to meet the security and safety needs of their customers.


Unlock Your Potential with the Door & Hardware Institute

Dynamic Education:

Gain access to industry-leading educational resources meticulously crafted by the Door & Hardware Institute® DHI. Take control of your career and stay ahead in this dynamic industry with courses designed by experienced industry experts.

Optimized Business Resources:

Maximize your business impact with our suite of tailored resources. From strategic insights to operational best practices, DHI equips you with the tools and knowledge to drive growth and profitability.

Open Collaboration: 

Maximize your business impact with our tailored resources, designed to provide strategic insights and operational best practices for Door & Hardware professionals. Join a vibrant community dedicated to collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and staying informed about the latest industry trends.

Real-World Solutions:
Discover customized solutions to meet your specific needs and goals, regardless of whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, installer, or specifier. Our resources are designed to accommodate professionals at every stage of their career journey.

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