About the Door and Hardware Institute®

Who We Are

The Door and Hardware Institute® (DHI) is an association proudly serving door security + safety professionals, and the dynamic companies they represent, in the non-residential construction industry. Through education, advocacy, accreditation and facilitated networking, we provide members with the collective intelligence to meet the security and safety needs of their customers.


What We Do

DHI has represented the non-residential door and hardware industry in North America and abroad for more than eight decades. We:

  • Provide members the technical knowledge and skills needed to balance life safety and security around doors and hardware
  • Recognize, through credentialing and certification, the special skills and training that provide life safety and security for millions of building occupants
  • Share timely and relevant news with our membership through the Door Security + Safety magazine and IndustryWATCH e-newsletter
  • Influence the building code and standards development process
  • Advocate on behalf of our members as the voice of the industry
  • Embrace the strong connections we maintain with security and safety professionals across every generation and every experience level

We have been serving our members since 1975 and take great pride in our evolution as we continue to meet the needs of door security + safety professionals. Find out more about membership.

An Introduction to the Industry

Looking to learn more about the non-residential construction industry, and how you fit in? DHI details the important role that door security + safety professionals play in ensuring the safety and security of building occupants. Find out more about the industry.

Other Resources