Door Security & Safety Foundation

About the Foundation

The Foundation’s mission is to promote secure and safe openings that enhance life safety through awareness and education to the building design, code authority, and facility management communities. A primary objective within this mission is to support the annual fire/egress door inspection initiative by creating awareness of this important update to the NFPA 80 and 101 standards, and their inclusion in the International Building Code and International Fire Code. Through their educational efforts they help stakeholders understand the code implications and complexity of the products and applications.

Thanks to continuous support from their contributors, the Foundation is growing their outreach to all types of organizations and individuals that have an interest in maintaining the integrity of the safety and security of every door opening across North America.

Review this short video to learn more about the work of the Foundation. Download this brochure for additional details or visit 

 Foundation video 

Awareness + Education = Advocacy

Create awareness of the critical role the door and hardware industry plays in achieving and maintaining the balance between life safety and security. This balance begins with technical expertise of the proper product applications and code compliance during initial construction, continuing throughout the building’s life cycle with ongoing maintenance, upgrades, inspections, and remediation.

Provide education on basic door and hardware products and applications to better understand the importance of fire and egress door assemblies within a building. This basic understanding places an emphasis on the code-mandated requirements of maintenance and inspection of fire and egress door assemblies.

Advocating for the importance of using certified, credentialed professionals with the experience to create the balance between life safety and security in the non-residential door and hardware industry. Advocating for issues that impact the life safety of building occupants, such as school classroom temporary door locking devices and annual fire door inspections in healthcare.


We are able to do this important work because of our generous contributors. If you would like to give, you can contribute online  or contact us directly to learn more about our benefits programs for high level contributions.