New Certifications and Credentials

The changing dynamics of our industry and the evolving needs of our members who work in this market, combined with certain shifting roles within the distribution channel, together have precipitated this most significant change to DHI's certification program in decades, if not ever.  We learned this from our members during our recent research activities, formal surveys, informal communications, and personal meetings. There was consistent, critical commentary that we need to improve our program. Use DHI’s Credentials + Certifications Guide to promote your individual and company marks of excellence to your customers.

The new program features three tiers, various new credentials and certifications for each level of technical competence, respective award criteria, and recommended DHI educational courses to prepare for the exams. For an in-depth breakdown of the new program and recommended courses for each level, download this brochure. Building these new offerings are our highest priority and we are committing the necessary resources to complete each stage as quickly as possible. We will release segments as completed to enable you to embrace this new direction as we evolve. We are making these efforts our highest priority and committing the necessary resources to complete each stage as quickly as possible. Learn more about the new program in our video.

Level One: Basic Technical Understanding

DHIA: Door + Hardware Industry Associate - Now Available!

The Door + Hardware Industry Associate (DHIA) certificate is the first step of DHI's new credential and certification program. It recognizes individuals working in a variety of positions in our industry who have achieved a basic technical understanding of product and code applications. To obtain the DHIA certificate, recipients must have completed COR101 - Fundamentals of Architectural Doors and Hardware, and COR102 - Introduction to Codes and Standards, and passed the exams. This is a certificate of completion and is not used as a credential after your name. Click on these courses to get started on your path as a door security + safety professional or for more information contact

Level Two: Intermediate Technical Competence

DHT: Door + Hardware Technician - Now Available!
The Level Two DHT- Door + Hardware Technician credential is available to be awarded through our new partnership with Kryterion Global Testing Solutions. Now you can take the 4-hour computerized exam with immediate notification of your test results along with feedback on how you fared in each segment of the exam! Plus you have the option of taking the exam at one of the 900 Kryterion Testing Centers located in 120 countries, or from the convenience of your office or home computer, with a virtual proctor, using the Kryterion Virtual Proctoring Online service.

Thousands of industry members like you have already qualified by taking DHI education over the years, or from other education, being mentored, or good old fashioned on-the-job training and experience! Now, you just need to take the DHT exam. Not sure if you’re ready? We also offer a free DHT Practice Exam.


Level Three: Advanced Technical Expertise

DHC: Door + Hardware Consultant
DHSC: Door + Hardware Specification Consultant
ACSC: Access Control System Consultant

For an in-depth breakdown of the new program, download the brochure and poster and watch the animated video below or go to our YouTube page. If you are interested in obtaining one of these new credentials or certifications, contact and let’s get started!

Certification Update – Watch the Video!