Continuing Education Program (CEP)

The DHI recertification Continuing Education program has been established to assure a level of continued competence through the ongoing enhancement of knowledge and skills in the field of door and hardware. DHI promotes continued competence throughout the certificant’s career in the industry by requiring submission of continuing education points every three (3) years.

Continued competence is defined by DHI as demonstrating knowledge, skills, and ability to proficiently perform as an Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC), Certified Door Consultant (CDC), Electrified Hardware Consultant (EHC), or Certified Fire & Egress Door Assembly Inspector (CFDAI) throughout the certificant’s professional career.

Recertification Requirements

  • Certificants must report at least 30 CEPs every three (3) years. 24 CEPs must be in technical learning education, and the remaining may be in either technical or non-technical education.
  • Certificants that hold a CFDAI are required to report 30 CEPs, 5 of which must be in NFPA Code Update Classes.

Recertification Fees

For January 1 – March 30, 2024 

  • Member Rate - $75.00
  • Non-Member Rate - $75.00

Starting April 1, 2024, DHI will be invoicing certificants per the number of credentials held. A member and non-member rate will go into effect. 

DHI Renewal CEP Fee Structure (effective April 1, 2024) 

Number of Credentials Held  Member Rate Non-Member Rate
1 $175 USD $210 USD
2 $200 USD $235 USD
3 $225 USD $260 USD
4 $250 USD $285 USD

Credentials Required to Renewal are AHC, CDC, EHC, and CFDAI
Certificants that hold an AOC will be invoiced for only the AHC, CDC, EHC.
A late fee of $50.00 USD will be added to the invoice for certificants that fail to submit their renewal by the renewal date as listed on the certificate or digital seal.

Application Process

DHI has launched a new renewal application online. Certificants are able to submit their CEPs and pay for their renewal all in one step.

Renew Here

Click here for instructions on how to complete your CEP Renewal Application.

Allow 2-3 weeks for renewal application review, DHI staff will follow up with confirmation of renewal.

Qualifying CEP Activities

One (1) hour of qualified education will qualify for 1 continuing education point (CEP). CEPs may be issued in 30 minutes increments, with each 30 minutes being .5 CEP. Credit is not awarded for breaks, meals, networking activities, or business or administrative meetings.

Technical (T) – education related to specific to the door and hardware industry products, applications, codes, or standards (e.g., doors, finish hardware, access control).

Non-Technical (NT) – education related to the door and hardware industry or beneficial to your role at work (e.g., sales, presentations, business, finance, marketing, etc.) and participation in industry or industry related organizations.

Activity  T or NT Number of CEPs
E-Learning: online learning sessions  T or NT 1 CEP per hour of instruction
Continuing Education: successful completion of a course/workshop/in-house training  T or NT 1 CEP per hour of instruction
Instructor/Facilitator: leading/facilitating a learning session as the instructor or facilitator  T or NT 2 CEPs per hour of delivery
Course Development: developing an educational session  T or NT 3 CEPs per hour (limit one course per year)
Membership: membership in non-industry organizations (e.g. AIA, AIA Canada, ASIS, ASIS Canada, CSI, CSC NT 1 CEP per year
DHI Activities: volunteering on DHI committees, and/or Board of Governors NT 2 CEPs per year

Certification Policies

Those who hold a DHI certification are required to follow our Certification Program policies in order to maintain their certifications, including CEP Program participation and other requirements for maintaining certifications.

  1. Individuals who earn a credential after January 1, 2005, are required to participate in the continuing education program (CEP).
  2. Individuals are not required to hold a DHI membership to maintain a DHI credential. Individuals will be invoiced for the non-member rate to renewal their credential.
  3. Failure to renewal credential, individuals shall be prohibited from using the credentials and seal.
  4. Certificants have 90 days after their expiration date to submit their CEPs without risk of losing their certification. Upon expiration of the certification, individuals may be required to retake the exam to regain their certification.

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Continuing Education Providers

The DHI CE Provider Program offers organizations the opportunity to award pre-approved continuing education hours for certified door security and safety professionals related couniting education offerings. With CE provider status, DHI-approved activities can be easily identified by those searching for continuing education for their rectification requirements.

The Program offers two options for organizations that provide educational programs:

  1. DHI Annual CE Provider - for organizations that offer multiple educational activities a year
  2. DHI One-Time CE Provider—for organizations for which only one educational activities has been approved by DHI (A one-time event includes a course, a one-day event, or one multi-day event)

For Certificants
View DHI's Continuing Education Providers (organizations, manufactures, etc.) for approved DHI-certified learning sessions to acquire DHI CEP points from other organizations.

For Providers


Please contact the DHI Certification Team at for assistance.