Continuing Education Program (CEP)

As an Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC), Certified Door Consultant (CDC), Electrified Hardware Consultant (EHC), Architectural Openings Consultant (AOC), or Door + Hardware Consultant (DHC), you have proven your skills to the door and hardware industry. Your technical knowledge of this industry gives you an edge over the competition. Participation in the Continuing Education Program increases that advantage.

DHI recognizes the need to make this program more accessible and relevant for our credentialed members. The new and improved Continuing Education Program has three objectives:

  • Be easy to implement and manage for all stakeholders
  • Provide real world learning opportunities that are readily available and add value to the credentialing program
  • Require realistically achievable points that encourages continuous learning

What's New?

There has never been a better time to join. Here are the changes to our new Continuing Education Program:

  • Digital Seal Now Included - The new and improved Continuing Education Program includes participation in the Seal Program, to raise the profile of your credential(s) to your customers. Use a digital seal to mark letters, hardware schedules, door schedules and drawings as a professional tool to enhance your image and add value to your work. To purchase a physical stamp or seal, fill out the consultant seal form.

  • Updated Point Calculations - We have updated the way we calculate points. For technical or non-technical learning sessions, one (1) hour = one (1) Continuing Education Point (CEP). CEPs may also be issued in 30 minute increments, with each 30 minutes being .5 CEPs.

  • More Ways to Earn Points There are many more ways to earn CEPs with the new program with opportunities from our many Continuing Education Program Providers.

What Action is Required?

Those already participating in our existing Continuing Education Program do not need to take additional action until your renewal is due. Consultants who earned credentials after January 1, 2005 are still required to participate in the Continuing Education Program and earn CEPs to maintain their Certification Status and use the Seal. Certifications are valid for a period of three (3) years. Each participant’s certification period starts with the first credential earned after January 1, 2005, and subsequent certifications do not affect the CEP renewal date.

Certification Policies

Those who hold a DHI certification are required to follow our Certification Program policies in order to maintain their certifications, including CEP Program participation and other requirements for maintaining certifications.

View all Certification Policies.

View the Continuing Education Program Guide.

How Do I Get Started?

Credentialed individuals interested in joining the new Continuing Education Program will need to take the following steps.
  1. A. Sign a Certification Agreement (For CFDAIs please go here)
  2. B. Pay a $75 Certification Fee which includes the cost of a digital seal (additional fee for embossed seal or self-inking stamp)
  3. C. Show evidence that you earned 30 CEPs over a three-year period by completing the new CEP Form.
    1. 1. At least 24 CEPs must come from technical learning sessions.
    2. 2. Balance of CEPs can be technical or non-technical.

How Do I Report My Points to Renew?

Before the end of your three-year certification period, candidates for renewal must report 30 CEPs, complete the CEP Renewal Form, Certification Agreement, and pay the renewal fee.

Renewal reminders will be sent via email to certified consultants at 6 months prior and again at 3 months and 1 month prior to the expiration date of their credential.


Continuing Education Providers

The DHI CE Provider Program offers organizations the opportunity to award pre-approved continuing education hours for certified door security and safety professionals related couniting education offerings. With CE provider status, DHI-approved activities can be easily identified by those searching for continuing education for their rectification requirements. 

The Program offers two options for organizations that provide educational programs: 

  1. DHI Annual CE Provider - for organizations that offer multiple educational activities a year 
  2. DHI One-Time CE Provider—for organizations for which only one educational activities has been approved by DHI (A one-time event includes a course, a one-day event, or one multi-day event)

For Certificants
View DHI's Continuing Education Providers (organizations, manufactures, etc.) for approved DHI-certified learning sessions to acquire DHI CEP points from other organizations.

For Providers


Please contact the DHI Certification Team at for assistance.