Certifications and Credentials

DHI has credentialed more than 2,000 door security + safety professionals worldwide. Throughout the door and hardware industry, our credentials are recognized as hallmarks of technical expertise, demonstrating their holders' incomparable knowledge, skill, and dedication to life safety and security.

DHI offers the following programs:

Certifications : The purpose of certification is to assess the knowledge, skills, and competencies required of the job role. Certification requires certificants to continue professional competence through recertification (Continue Education Program – CEP).

  • Architectural Hardware Consultants (AHC)
  • Electrified Hardware Consultants (EHC)
  • Certified Fire Door Assembly Inspector (CFDAI)

Certificates : The purpose of a certificate program is to provide education and training by achieving specific learning outcomes in each course. Certificates do not require renewal. Earning a certificate has demonstrated students have completed the required courses and demonstrated success of the learning outcomes.

  • Door and Hardware Industry Associate (DHIA)
  • Door + Hardware Technician (DHT)
  • Door + Hardware Consultant (DHC)


DHI Training

DHI credentialed individuals have successfully completed a prescribed series of training and passed rigorous certification examinations. To learn more about our training, visit our Education Resource Guide.

Certification Policies & FAQs

Learn more about DHI certification program policies and other requirements for maintaining DHI certifications.