Board of Governors

James T. White, Jr., AOC, CFDAI, FDHI

Jim was a member of several national positions including: the Board of Governors (2009-2012), Strategic Advisory Council (2007), DHI Conference Host Committee (2008, Chair), Chair and member of the Chapter Leadership Committee (2009-2011; 2015-2016), Media & Editorial Board (2009-2011), and the Board of Certification (2006-2009).

As a member of the New England Chapter of DHI, Jim has served in many Board and committee positions. He is currently serving as Chapter President in addition to two other terms as President (2004-2006 & 2006-2008). He was the Chapter Historian (2012-2014), the Chapter Secretary (2014-2017) and is currently a Trustee of the George P. Sargent Educational Trust, beginning my tenure in 2014. He has been on the Education Committee since 2004.

The New England Chapter has won the Mary Roth Award nine times. The wins in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 were won during his tenure as President. He also led classes as a DHI Chapter Level Instructor (2005-2008).

Having graduated from college in the Building Construction program in 1981, Jim went to work for a construction company as a site supervisor and estimator. He was laid off for the winter in 1983 and answered an ad for a draftsman at a door company. He joined the door hardware industry thirty-five years ago in 1988. Jim was the 1st AOC and EHC in the New England Chapter and the 8th AOC and 19th EHC in North America and has been a member of the Seal Program since 2005. His DHI honors and recognitions include winner of the Fellow Award in 2017, and the Award of Merit in 2008.

Jim's community service extends beyond just the door hardware community. He has guided and mentored local youth through his involvement as a Boy Scout Leader, helping five scouts to achieve Eagle Scout. He was also an assistant coach to his wife ‘Coach’ Jeanine for Field Hockey and Soccer. He is currently driving veterans to their hospital appointments through his local chapter of the American Legion.

He is also a veteran, having served our country in the U.S. Marine Corps, and in continuing his service for 21 years, as a member of the Rhode Island Air National Guard.