Board of Governors

Mark J. Berger, FDHI

Immediate Former President

President and Chief Product Officer, Securitech Group, Inc.

Mark Berger is the President and Chief Product Officer of Securitech Group, Inc., an innovative lock manufacturer in N.Y. He holds several patents and is passionately involved in designing locking products which meet today’s emerging needs while respecting life safety codes.

Mark serves on the DHI Board of Governors as the chief provocateur, chairs the BHMA’s Codes and Government Affairs, is a founder of the Door Safety Council, is co-chair of the ASIS School Safety and Security Council and administrator and membership chair of the ASIS Physical Security Council. He is the author of the Real Openings column in DHI’s Door Security + Safety magazine.

Mark and his wife Doris reside in New York City and are the proud parents of two daughters, each of whom has a product named after them. Volunteering is a great way to build personal connections and meet people from diverse backgrounds, beliefs and with great skills in our industry and related industries. If you’ve taken the time to read these bios, that’s great. Now go find a way to help our industry and help yourself.