Level Two: Intermediate Technical Competence

In May of 2016 we announced to the industry our commitment to launch a new multi-tiered credential and certification program designed to recognize technical competence at three mileposts from the beginning of and throughout your career journey as a door security + safety professional. The Level One DHIA - Door + Hardware Industry Associate certificate program was launched in December 2016 and the response has exceeded all expectations, with nearly 1000 people earning this first level of recognition! Now we’re launching Level Two.

DHT: Door + Hardware Technician

The Level Two DHT- Door + Hardware Technician credential is available to be awarded through our new partnership with Kryterion Global Testing Solutions. You can take the 4-hour computerized exam with immediate notification of your test results along with feedback on how you fared in each segment of the exam! You will take the exam at one of the 900 Kryterion Testing Centers located in 120 countries. Thousands of industry members like you have already qualified by taking DHI education over the years, or from other education, being mentored, or good old fashioned on-the-job training and experience!

Are You Ready For Your DHT Credential Exam?

This credential means you’ve displayed the competence to provide detailing, estimating, and project management skills on projects with an intermediate level of complexity of occupancy type, and product and code application. View the recommended courses to see if you are ready.
If you can do this you are ready to take the exam:
  • Detail and estimate accurately and cost effectively for 10 to 20-door intermediately-complex projects such as office building, medical clinic, school, etc.
  • Set a PM plan for project with tasks, duration and deadlines to meet the GC schedule
  • Identify and resolve basic application and code errors
  • Conduct a keying meeting and document the results
  • Understand basic construction contracting:
  • Basic specification troubleshooting (doors and hardware)
  • Contracting methods (tripartite, owner/builder, allowance)
  • Schedules and sequencing, duration and deadlines
  • Change order process and dispute resolution
What you need to have learned to take the exam:
  • Intermediate door, frame, mechanical and electrified hardware products application
  • Intermediate access control products application
  • Intermediate codes and standards interpretation
  • Intermediate detailing, scheduling, and estimating skills
  • Project management skills for intermediate complex projects
  • Intermediate specification interpretation
  • Masterkeying basics

“What a great experience. The handouts offered with the testing beforehand came in very handy. The testing center was easy to work with, and seemed to have knowledge of why I was there."
Jon Swanson, DHT

“Overall great experience. Great way to test. Nice atmosphere, nice staff. Questions directly related to DHI classes and real world experience.”
     -   Ron Martinez, DHT

Take the Complimentary DHT Practice Test:

This complimentary DHT Practice Test will help you determine your readiness to take the DHT Exam. You will be able to see the questions that you answered incorrectly, so you can be confident that you have a sufficient understanding of the material covered in the actual Exam. You may take this Practice Test multiple times, if necessary, to help you prepare for the Exam.


Purchase DHT Exam

If you are not able to find a testing center near you, contact certification@dhi.org.

BUY ONSITE PROCTORED EXAM        * If you need to retake your DHT exam, please contact certification@dhi.org to learn about your options.

Any questions about building your education path, contact education@dhi.org.

Host a Local DHT Exam Event

DHI education is important to becoming a door security + safety professional and now it’s easier than ever to do so locally. Chapter leaders and companies can support both members and non-members in their education journey by sponsoring a local DHT Exam Event. There is minimal set-up and maximum potential with the support of DHI staff to help many local professionals earn their DHT in one day. Contact certification@dhi.org for additional details.