Certification Programs

Becoming Certified

Further your profession by becoming a DHI credential certificant! Through DHI credentialing programs, door security and safety professionals have establish themselves as qualified professionals in the industry. Their skills provide the balance of life safety and security for millions of building occupants. Those who are working toward or have already achieved a certified consultant status, know the hundreds of hours it takes to learn every aspect of the door and hardware industry, plus the attention and effort required to hone that knowledge into a skill that will satisfy the many different needs of a building.

Why Earn a DHI Certification

  • More than 78% of certification holders agree that employers tend to hire certified professional rather than hire non-certified
  • DHI certificants cite recognition and respect from peers and supervisors as top value of certification
  • By achieving your DHI certification, you gain confidence and demonstrate professional competence in the application of your knowledge

Credentialing Programs

The Door + Hardware Industry Associate (DHIA) assessment-based certificate program has been designed for individuals who need an introduction to the fundamentals of architectural doors and hardware, products and applications, and building codes. To obtain the DHIA certificate, individuals need to complete COR101 - Fundamentals of Architectural Doors and Hardware, and COR102 - Introduction to Codes and Standards, and pass all assessments. A certificate as a Door and Hardware Industry Associate will be awarded and may represent themselves as a “certificate holder as a Door and Hardware Industry Associate”. For more information contact education@dhi.org.



The Door + Hardware Technician (DHT) credential was created to recognize individuals who have demonstrate competency in identifying the appropriate products for assembly as applicable per industry codes and standards. DHT certificants also have a base knowledge of detailing and estimating including the ability to assist contractors and building owners with construction project issues.

To obtain the DHT credential individuals must apply and pass a 150-question assessment.


The Door + Hardware Consultant (DHC) certification identifies individuals who an advanced knowledge of product and code applications. DHC certificants demonstrate the skills to assist on large and complex projects and existing facility renovations. In addition, DHC’s are able to provide technical consultation to architects, contractors, and building owners on projects.

To obtain the DHC credential individuals must have earned the DHT, apply, and pass a 200 -question assessment.


The Electrified Hardware Consultant (EHC) certification was develop to test individuals competency in electrified architectural hardware products into access control monitoring and fire alarm systems, while maintaining compliance with fire, life safety, accessibility, and building code requirements. EHC’s have an understanding of electronic access control systems.

Ready to apply for the exam? 

Steps to Apply

Step 1 – Passing the exam is an important part of earning your credential. Find the resources to prepare by learning more about the credential!

Step 2 – Submit your exam application.

Step 3 – With eligibility confirmed and the exam fee paid, you’ll be ready to schedule and take the exam at a Kryterion Testing Center.

Step 4 – Certificants that hold a DHC, AHC, CDC, and/or EHC are required to maintain continuing education units. Renewal cycle is required every 3 years. For information on certification maintenance, visit the Continuing Education Program page. 

Exam Fees





DHIA Certificate

$250.00 USD

DHT Exam

$400.00 UDS

$750.00 USD

DHC Exam

AHC Exam

$550.00 USD

$850.00 USD


EHC Exam

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For questions about the different credentials or testing contact the DHI Certification Staff certification@dhi.org