Certified Fire + Egress Door Assembly Inspector - CFDAI

In our continued commitment to advance the FDAI program, we are launching a new certification to help FDAIs elevate their profile to the end user and grow their inspection services.

What Are the Additional Benefits of Becoming a CFDAI?

In addition to the opportunities of becoming certified and taking continuing education, CFDAI’s will receive a badge and digital seal as part of this new program. This provides identification in the field and the ability to digitally stamp inspection reports. Physical stamps may be purchased for an additional charge.

What Is the Opportunity for Current FDAIs?

All FDAIs will be invited to voluntarily enter to new CFDAI program and as such agree to participate in the Certification Program and Continuing Education Program. By entering the Certification Program one can use the initials “CFDAI” behind their name and will be listed as such by DHI and DSSF. Those who elect not to join the certification program will still be allowed to use their FDAI credential.

All FDAI’s awarded before January 2014 will also be required to pass two online self-paced continuing education courses, CE1401 and CE1701, if they have not already done so. Successful completion of these two courses will award them the CFDAI certification with the same privileges and requirements as those awarded after January 2014.

When you are ready to enter into the certification program, please complete the CFDAI CE Program and Certification Agreement, along with your $75 fee and return to certification@dhi.org.

How Do I Maintain This New Certification?

Requirements for maintaining your CFDAI include:

  • CEP requirement of 30 hours, with 5 hours in NFPA Code Update Classes being a required component of the CEP requirement.
  • Either maintain annual individual membership with DHI or pay the annual Professional Certification Program fee in lieu of individual membership. Failure to maintain either individual membership or pay the Professional Certification Program fee results in the loss of your CFDAI certification. This is the current policy for all DHI certifications. Learn more here.
Participation in the CEP program, with its own designated fee of $75. This is not included in DHI individual membership or in the Professional Certification Program fee. They are two separate programs.

More Information

For more information on this certification contact us at certification@dhi.org.