DAI300 - Fire Door Assembly Inspection - Technician Level Course

In our continued commitment to advance the FDAI program, we have created a new course to help FDAIs grow their inspection services and build an inspection team.

DHI now offers a technical level course that will be taught in-house by your credentialed FDAI to train your employees to conduct in-field inspection of fire doors, under the supervision of an FDAI credentialed inspector. This course provides the technical knowledge and expertise to assist and support credentialed inspectors of swinging fire doors through all phases of the inspection process. Students completing the course and passing the exam receive a certificate of completion.

Learning Outcome Statements

Learn how to inspect and perform operational testing of fire door assemblies in accordance with NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives.

Upon completion of this course students will be able to:
  • Locate and identify fire-rated door assemblies in buildings per owner-provided documents
  • Perform visual inspections and operational testing of swinging fire doors
  • Create inspection reports for final review and authorization by an FDAI
  • Identify and record non-compliant components, which include incorrectly installed components, impermissible field modifications, and non-performing components on the inspection report for FDAI review

Class and Exam Details

DAI300 is eight hours of face-to-face instruction by a credentialed FDAI and a two-hour online exam. Students will receive a certificate of completion for the Fire Door Assembly Inspector - Technician (DAIT) Program.

Prerequisite Knowledge and Complimentary Assessment Exam

Students of this course are required to have completed COR101-Fundamentals of Architectural Doors and Hardware and COR102 – Introduction to Building Codes or must complete a complimentary assessment test, available prior to taking the course, to demonstrate familiarity with the requisite knowledge.


Purchase Details

The price for this class is $495 per person, which includes classroom course materials, course exam, the Field Reference Digest for Inspecting Swinging Fire Doors, door gap gauge, and inspection magnet and mirror. To purchase this class or inquire for additional details, contact Amy Everett or Hanne Sevachko.