In-Person Courses

DHI offers a variety of in-person education opportunities through local and in-house settings. 

Local Education

DHI chapters and individuals who have enough participants to host a local class can apply to do so and purchase instructor and student materials for the DHI training classes listed below. Applications must be submitted to at least six weeks in advance of your class dates. 


To view upcoming local classes and events offered by DHI chapters, click here.

In-House Education

Reduce your employees’ time out of the office by providing DHI classes within your own physical location! To do so, submit a completed host application to and purchase the instructor and student materials for the DHI training classes noted below.


In-Person Courses

  • COR117 – Door, Frame, and Architectural Hardware Applications (32 hours)
  • COR125 – Takeoff and Estimating (16 hours)
  • COR140 – Using Codes and Standards (24 hours)
  • DHC246 – Intro to Detailing Doors, Frames, and Hardware (24 hours)
  • AHC305 – Introduction to Specification Writing (24 hours)
  • DHC253 – Installation Coordination and Project Management (16 hours)
  • DHC260 – Material Purchasing Concepts (8 hours)
  • DHC263 – Developing Masterkey Systems (8 hours)
  • DHC247 – Intermediate Detailing Doors, Frames, & Hardware (32 hours)
  • EHC403 – Electrified Hardware Drawings & Documentation (32 hours)
  • EHC413 – Advanced Electrified Hardware Drawings
  • DAI300 –  Fire Door Assembly Inspection Technician (8 hours)

Micro-Learning Courses

Convenient two- to four-hour classes offering CEP points delivered via local or in-house education settings.

  • CE1503 – Intermediate Electrified Access Control (3 hours)
  • CE1504 – ICC Code Update Roundtable (2 or 4 hours)
  • CE1505 – Managing Projects, Time, Money and Material (4 hours)
  • CE1603 – Basic Masterkeying (3 hours)

For details about these courses please refer to the Education Resource Guide. If you would like support in finding a DHI-approved instructor, contact

Become an Instructor

Interested in supporting the learning of others while giving back to the industry? Consider becoming a DHI instructor! Most instructors are volunteers who have dedicated their lives to the industry, and whose care have left a unique mark on classes and students, alike. If you’d like to impart your technical wisdom and meet students from around the world, we welcome your application!