Telcom Insurance Services Corporation (TISC)

The DHI has endorsed Telcom Insurance Services Corporation (TISC) to administer an insurance program for DHI members.

The program offers a full range of insurance coverage including:

  • Property and Casualty
  • Directors and Officers
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Professional Liability

Featuring: Exclusive Errors & Omissions Insurance

Certified professionals who write specifications, design, install, maintain and/or provide consulting advice and guidance on safe door openings, or inspect properties to determine whether that property’s doors or openings are compliant with NFPA 80 regulations may be subject to suits alleging that their services were performed in and unsafe, inappropriate or negligent manner. Monetary damages and court awards arising from these suits can be so severe that the business or professional under attack may never fully recover financially. That is why DHI has included special professional liability coverage in its member insurance program.

Like most other small to mid-sized businesses our daily focus is in our core competencies so when we need insurance help we lean on the folks at Telcom. We have a lot of options today and let’s face it, we’re all challenged to exceed the expectations of our own customers. Telcom has worked hard to earn our business and solve our problems. They asked the questions to truly understand our business in order to build a program that fit our needs."

Greg Lunde, President
Builders’ Hardware & Supply Company, Inc.

TISC is a national leader in developing association specific programs and has worked closely with the leaders and select members of DHI to become an authority on providing protection to the architectural door openings industry. TISC’s President and CEO, Peter Elliott, has personally taken the lead in crafting a program that will deliver first class coverage and service to the DHI members.

For additional information and an insurance quote, call DHI Member Services at (202) 367-1134 and we will put you in touch with our partners at TISC. You may also reach TISC staff directly:

Theres Punsalan Theresa Punsalan
Sr. Account Executive
TISC Agency
Phone: 703-380-8743