Education + Events

The Cornerstone of DHI

Education is the cornerstone of DHI, and you can find it in the pages of our magazine, at our events, and through our in-person and online technical courses.

Our commitment is to bring more education to you, more conveniently – meeting you wherever you're at in your professional journey.

See how DHI can enhance your industry knowledge and support your career growth as a door security + safety professional. To get started, use our educational path charting tool or contact to discuss the offerings that best fit your needs.

View tuition costs for various DHI courses.


Annual Education Calendar + Pricing

Our Educational Calendar lets you see our offerings at a glance, so you can plan for upcoming events and education.

Wondering about tuition? You can get a list of core class pricing, including member and non-member rates. Event pricing can be found on the registration pages of most of our events.

Local Education and Events

Whether in your chapter or local community or in-house at your office, in-person courses are your hometown ticket to DHI education. Find out more.

Become an Instructor

DHI instructors are industry specialists and stewards with valuable experience to share. Instructing a DHI class is a unique mentorship opportunity that greatly impacts the future success of our students. If you'd like to impart your technical wisdom and give back to the industry, apply to become an instructor today.

DHI Career Pathway

DHI is dedicated to helping you identify the next step in advancing your career. View the DHI Career Pathway and learn more about educational courses and their corresponding credentials.

Interested in Hosting an Educational Event?

We can help you deliver DHI education to your local chapter or company in-house event. Find out more.