Education Program Policies

Tuition Policies

1. Tuition payment must be received with registration to ensure a place in a course.
2. Registrations are confirmed in the order they are received. Should a course sell out, registrants are placed on a waitlist in order of receipt.
3. For cancelations received up until 4 weeks prior to the start of a Classroom Series, a full refund is available and is subject to a $150 administrative fee.
4. For cancellations received between 4 and 2 weeks prior to the start of a Classroom Series, a 50% refund is given. 
5. For cancellations received 2 weeks or less from the start of a Classroom Series, no refunds will be given.
6. Once a Classroom Series begins, no refunds will be given for missed or non-completed courses. Special circumstances such as a significant medical issue, death in family, etc. may allow for a partial refund. Proof of special circumstance may be required. Cancellation requests must be made in writing to

Classroom Policies

1. The use of computers and mobile devices to access allowable information during classes is permitted. is required that students download any allowable materials to their computer or mobile device prior to the class to ensure access when needed. Students may also bring hard copy catalogs, or printed PDFs when allowed in that particular class.

Course Exams

1. All end of class exams except COR125 will be held in TopClass; therefore, a computer will be required for all classes.
2. Course exams, most of which consist of a battery of multiple choice questions, completed during a Classroom Series, DHI Chapter, or In- House training program are electronically graded and the results are final and not subject to review or analysis beyond this scoring process.
3. Some course exams may have multiple parts; in addition to multiple choice questions they may include a separate exercise that requires the students to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding, skill, and expertise of the subject matter covered in the respective course. These exercises are manually graded by DHI staff or Instructors and the results of these manually graded exams are final and also not subject to review or analysis with the student beyond this scoring process. Scored worksheets are returned to the students for their review.
4. Students must achieve a minimum passing score of 75% on course exams and multi-part course exams require a minimum score of 75% on each segment in order to pass the course. CFDAI certification and DHT credential exams require 80% to pass.
5. Failed end-of-class exams or segments of a multi-part course exam may be retaken one time by the student at their discretion. Electronically tested and graded exams or segments may be re-taken at no charge, administered through the online DHI TopClass system. Exams with exercises requiring manual grading may require a re- take fee. Failed re-take exams will then require the student to repeat the entire course and pass the course exam if successful completion is desired to be recorded in the student’s record. Full registration cost is required for the retake course. Failed certification or credentialing exams require payment in full or part (where applicable) for retake of the exam.

Course Prerequisites 

1. There are no prerequisite courses required to take any course, however, there are recommended preparative courses or comparable knowledge or experience necessary to help students successfully complete specific courses. These details are listed in the course description along with the Learning Outcome Statements provided for each course.
2. Some highly technical, complex courses may require that if the student has not completed the recommended preparative courses, they are still required to successfully complete a complimentary knowledge assessment exam prior to taking the course. This is critical for the student to demonstrate familiarity with the prerequisite knowledge to prepare them to successfully complete the course and exam.
3. Even where not required, these complimentary knowledge assessment exam are available in DHI TopClass to be used as a guide for the student to determine their preparedness to take a class. However, the course description and Learning Outcome Statements should also be reviewed completely as the assessment exams may not cover all topics included in a course.