Fire + Egress Door Assembly Inspection Program (FDAI)

DHI's Fire + Egress Door Assembly Inspection (FDAI) program is a four-part program combining education, certification, risk management, and advocacy. DHI, Intertek, Telcom (TISC) and the Door Security & Safety Foundation (DSSF) have joined efforts to commit to advancing life safety within the built environment.

DHI Education

DAI600 - Fire + Egress Door Assembly Inspection - Credential Level Course

The newly updated DAI600 curriculum is focused on understanding the role and responsibilities of the fire and egress door inspectors as well as interacting with the building owner and the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). It is paramount to ensure that the respective parties clearly understand the inspection process and documentation and how to follow through with the necessary corrections in order to improve safety in their facilities.

This class will teach you how to perform and record these inspections, as well as provide tips for interacting with building owners and AHJs. It requires an intermediate level of understanding of door, frame, and hardware products and applications, and applicable code familiarity to conduct inspections. Students completing the course and passing the exam receive the credentials FDAI – Fire Door Assembly Inspector. See page 8 in our Education Resource Guide for details about this class.

DAI300 - Fire Door Assembly Inspection - Technical Level Course

In our continued commitment to advance the FDAI program we have created a new course to help FDAIs grow their inspection services and build an inspection team.

DHI now offers a technical level course that will be taught in-house by your credentialed FDAI to train your employees to conduct in-field inspection of fire doors, under the supervision of an FDAI credentialed inspector. This course provides the technical knowledge and expertise to assist and support credentialed inspectors of swinging fire doors through all phases of the inspection process. Students completing the course and passing the exam receive a certificate of completion. Learn more about DAI300.

Door Security & Safety Foundation – Awareness, Education, Advocacy

The mission of the Door Security & Safety Foundation (DSSF) is to promote secure and safe openings that enhance life safety through awareness and education to the building design, code authority, and facility management communities. 

A primary objective within this mission is to support the annual fire/egress door inspection initiative by creating awareness of this important update to the NFPA 80 and 101 standards, and their inclusion in the International Building Code and International Fire Code. Through our educational efforts we help stakeholders understand the code implications and complexity of the products and applications.

DSSF also offers education for healthcare facility personnel, taught by FDAIs across North America, who need to learn more about the new fire door inspection requirements. These FDAIs not only provide this education to current their customers but are able use this education as a way to engage potential customers as well. If you are an FDAI interested in this exclusive Education Advocate opportunity, contact Sharon Newport for details. Learn more about DSSF educational offerings.

To learn more about the Foundation’s awareness, education and advocacy programs and publications, go to

Certified Governing Agency - Intertek

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Take your FDAI credential to the next level: Differentiate yourself by becoming third-party qualified through Intertek’s Qualified Personnel (IQP) Program.

After successful completion of DHI’s FDAI Program and earning your FDAI credential, you are then eligible to become an IQP - Fire Door Inspector. As an IQP, you separate yourself from the competition by going beyond industry requirements and choosing a program with more stringent checks and balances.  This certification includes a continuing education and recertification  component through DHI, as well as regular audits for quality assurance, indicating a higher level of commitment and differentiation in the market.

To learn more about becoming an IQP, visit

Risk Coverage: TISC Insurance

DHI has endorsed Telcom Insurance Services Corporation (TISC) to administer an insurance program to members that offers a full range of insurance coverage, including an exclusive Errors & Omissions , as well as Property and Casualty, Directors and Officers, Employment Practices Liability, and Professional Liability.

Benefits to DHI members are:

  • DHI co-owns and therefore co-directs with TISC all aspects of the program.
  • TISC isn’t just an insurance agent. They are client advocates who will help with all of your insurance-related needs, including coverage selection, insurer choice, risk management assistance, contract reviews, and claims monitoring.
For additional information and an insurance quote, contact: 
Theresa Punsalan
Sr. Account Executive
TISC Agency

Building Code Adoptions

For more information on Building Code Adoptions by State  or to view the Building Code Reference Library  published by Reed Construction Data click here.


For more information on the program and its history visit our FAQ page .