Chapter Officer Resources

Chapter officers have a unique responsibility of leadership to their members and to DHI. While chapters are independent entities, they are tied to DHI and have an important role in ensuring our members have a positive and fulfilling local DHI experience. Here are some basic resources for chapter leaders, although we know each chapter has different needs and dynamics. We encourage you to contact DHI and let us partner with you to create great experience for you during your term as a champion volunteer, and for our collective membership.

How to Manage Your Chapter

While creating chapter activities and communications is key to supporting your members engagement, there are many administrative and legal responsibilities for a chapter leader. Please visit the Chapter Leader Handbook for more details on these tasks or contact Member Services at or 202.367.1134 if you’d like support with your chapter’s needs.

Bring DHI Technical Education to Your Chapter

Local Education enables chapters to provide DHI education conveniently to their local membership. Chapters can purchase the instructor and student materials for many DHI classes, including the end of class exam. We also now offer micro-learning classes that are 2-4 hour classes that offer CEP points, perfect for local education needs.

  • Select one or more courses from DHI’s Local Education and Micro-Learning menu
  • Choose a DHI approved instructor in your area or contact for instructor recommendations from another region that could come teach for your chapter
  • Contact Member Services at or 202.367.1134 for questions regarding implementation, registration or marketing.

Keep DHI Informed

In order for DHI to know how to best support our chapters, it’s important to hear from our chapter leaders about their activities and needs. Stay in touch! Email or call us with information about upcoming chapter meetings and events. We also encourage you to send photos so we can promote chapter happenings. Email or call us at or 202.367.1134.

Chapter Leadership News Archive

DHI provides a chapter leadership newsletter to chapter leaders each quarter based upon activity. Below is an archive of information you can access, which will be particularly helpful for new chapter leaders or prospective volunteers.

Need New DHI Chapter Logo?

It’s a new day, a new DHI and we have new chapter logos! If you don’t have a copy of your new chapter logo, or need help with logo guidelines, contact us at or 202.367.1134.