Introduction to the Industry

Welcome to our industry! DHI has developed a unique orientation program specifically for you - new door security + safety professionals.

No matter your role in our industry, this program, which will consist of a series of videos, PowerPoint presentations, and more, will help you understand the important role you play to provide the balance of life safety and security to building occupants and how DHI members fit into the construction industry.

In the orientation program you will learn:
  • Structure of our industry (breadth and depth)
  • How building codes protect lives and the environment
  • How the door and hardware industry makes buildings safer and more secure
  • Why you should make this industry your career
After completion of our program, we hope you will feel:
  • Excited about the scope and breadth of the door and hardware industry
  • Connected to DHI as a resource and a relationship
  • Committed to a career in the industry
  • Ready to take the next step in your career
The video below is the first video in this series:

Safely Securing the Built Environment through Building, Fire, and Life Safety Codes

Among the topics covered in this comprehensive 17-minute video, are:

  • What are building codes and why do they exist?
  • How do we protect lives in an emergency?
  • What is a means of egress?
  • How do we control the spread of fire?
  • Basic code principles
  • High occupancy building considerations

Future video topics will include an overview of the industry, history of DHI and many more, so stay tuned! For more information, contact If you’re not already a member of DHI, check out the other valuable resources we offer through membership .