Local Chapters

DHI offers members numerous local networking and education opportunities across North America through our chapter system. DHI Chapters operate independently, but collaborate with DHI to enhance your local experience and help you grow your career. DHI has over 50 chapters across North America. If you do not have a chapter nearby, we can still help you receive local education.

Interested in hosting an in-house or local education event? Complete the PDF below and submit to education@dhi.org.


Find Your Local Chapter and Upcoming Chapter Events

Learn more about local chapters and upcoming events by visiting chapter webpages or websites. Chapters welcome members from any chapter to their events. Contact DHI Canada for chapter happenings in Canada. Contact each chapter directly for details about their event.

Chapter Officers Resources

DHI provides basic resources for chapter leaders. We acknowledge that each chapter has different needs an dynamics, so we encourage you to contact DHI to help you create a great experience during your term as a champion volunteer and for our collective membership.