COR118: Understanding Specialty Doors
Online, Self-Paced | 16 Hours | 16 CEPs
RECOMMENDED PREREQUISITES: Codes | COR117 - Door, Frame, and Architectural Hardware Applications | COR123 - Using Door, Frame and Hardware Standards (formerly CDC300 & ELT515)

Most of us find success when operating within our “Normal” scope of work. Those that excel in our industry, however, are versed in all opening types and applications. For that reason, we have created COR118 “Understanding Specialty Doors”. This course offers an in-depth view for openings you may come across that would normally fall outside your typical product or service offerings. This course will cover more than 25 unique opening types within our industry arming you to be the “Go-to” for any type of specialty application your customer needs.

In this course, you will learn:
• The purpose specialty openings serve
• Definitions and terminology
• How to describe these doors by their performance standards
• Required testing protocols, relevant codes, and performance regulations
• Special manufacturing and engineering techniques used
• Necessary hardware and design considerations

This class covers the following topics: Aluminum Doors and Frames; (FRP) Fiberglass Doors and Frames; Detention Doors & Frames; Bullet Resistant Assemblies; Blast Resistant Door & Frame Assemblies; Attack Resistant Doors; Forced Entry Doors; Impact & Cold Storage Doors; Air Barriers; High Speed Roll up Doors; Wind Resistant Doors; Hurricane and Tornado assemblies; Flood Doors; Acoustical Assemblies; Sound Rated openings (STC); SCIF Doors; RFI Doors; Decorative and Functional Openings; Balance Doors; Mega Openings; Full Glass Entrances; Stainless Steel Doors; Accordion Doors; Movable Partitions; Demountable Partitions; Roof Hatches & Access Doors!
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