DHT Exam - Kryterion Testing Center

Door + Hardware Technician (DHT)

Onsite Proctoring - You will be sitting for your exam at a Kryterion Testing Center.  If you are not able to find a testing center near you contact certification@dhi.org

This credential is earned by demonstrating the competence to provide product and code application, detailing, estimating, and project management skills on projects with an intermediate level of  complexity of occupancy type. This is the first level of technical credential earned for technical competence to assist contractors and building owners with basic construction project issues.  The DHT credential is required prior to advancing to upper level credentials (DHC, DHSC, ACSC).   

Recommended DHI courses or equivalent industry experience to properly prepare for the DHT credential examination: 

  • AHC200 - Masterkeying
  • AHC205 - Detailing Hardware
  • COR103 - Understanding and Using Construction Documents
  • COR113 - Architectural Hardware and Applications
  • COR120 - Door & Frame Applications
  • COR117 - Door, Frame, and Architectural Hardware Applications (formerly COR113 and COR120)
  • COR125 - Take-off and Estimating
  • COR133 - Electrified Architectural Hardware
  • COR140 - Using Codes & Standards
  • COR147 - Intro to Specification Writing
  • COR153 - Installation Coordination and Project Management
  • COR160 - Material Purchasing Concepts
  • CDC300 - Using Door and Frame Standards
  • CDC305 - Detailing Doors & Frames

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